Suits You Suits Me

Suits You Suits Me

I love getting suited up for event, whether it be a wedding, races or a presentation evening its always time to pull out all the stops. Since becoming a Dad these events have got more exciting as I can now dress my little man in same outfit and boy does it get a good response.


Matching suits is not only good fun but it’s a great way to teach your little one good habits from an early age. Dressing to impress pays big dividends in today’s world and can add serious bonus points as he grows up in his education and career.


It isn’t easy finding matching suits so JLU have tried to take that away and have suits for you and your child at a click of a button. It doesn’t always have to match perfectly either but I guarantee you will get some great pictures and a lifetime of memories.


Just be prepared you will get a lot of ‘awwwww he looks so cute’ and they won’t be necessarily be talking about you but it’ll be worth it.



Here is the link for you, it’s time to suit up!


Marc Darcy Cream Tweed Suit 3 Piece for Weddings and Parties Formal Slim